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Cloud-Native Edge Computing

Cloud-native edge computing represents the convergence of two powerful paradigms—cloud-native application development and edge computing infrastructure. By combining the scalability and flexibility of cloud-native architectures with the low latency and distributed nature of edge computing, organizations can unlock new possibilities for innovation and efficiency in an increasingly connected world.

L2Edge solutions deliver to you the ability to adapt containerization, microservices, and dynamic orchestration at the edge, closer to your data source. It also enables you to reduce latency and optimize bandwidth requirements.

Giving you the competitive Edge

Cut Bandwidth Costs

Edge Computing helps to reduce the amount of data that needs to be transmitted to the cloud, thereby cutting down the bandwidth required and also reducing network congestion.

Reimagine Workflows

By processing data closer to the source, Edge Computing reduces the time and solution reliability, enabling businesses to reimagine their workflows and create business impact.

Be Agile

Developers can leverage familiar cloud-native tools and frameworks to build and deploy applications at the edge, streamlining development and deployment processes.


Cloud-native edge applications are designed to be resilient to node failures and network disruptions, ensuring high availability and reliability.

Privacy and Security

Edge Computing can enhance privacy and security by processing sensitive data locally, without transmitting it over networks where it could be intercepted.

Key Components of Cloud-Native Edge Computing

Edge Infrastructure

This includes edge nodes, such as edge servers, and gateways, from OpsaraCloud like MOAXY.

Cloud-Native Architecture

Deploy L2EDGE-OPENSTACK to have cloud-like convenience to manage your edge infrastructure resources. Use the same S3 APIs and more as in the Public Cloud.

Edge Orchestration

Adopt a micro services architecture and orchestrate with Kubernetes on your Edge Infrastructure.