You don’t have to do it alone!

Leverage the OpsaraCloud experts without having to build your own.

Site-Reliability-Engineering- as-a-Service (SREaaS) applies software engineering principles to the design, implementation, and operation of large-scale systems, to ensure their reliability, availability, and scalability.

Leverage the expertise from the team that built platforms for Akamai, Aryaka, and so forth.


Ensure Success

Having a diverse team of experienced experts is essential to successful Day 1 & Day 2 operations. L2SREaaS is designed to support you seamlessly.


L2SREaaS provides a team of experts so your project does not go on-hold when your lead engineer is not available.

Focus on outcomes

Building & managing a diverse and large team can distract from your core focus.

Save on Costs

L2SREaaS provides you access to a multi-disciplined team of experts at a fraction of the cost.

How it works

By blending software engineering practices with operations expertise, L2SREaaS enables you to achieve higher levels of reliability, availability, and scalability for modern applications and services.

Lead Architect

Network Engineer

Systems Admin

Firewall/ Security Engineer

Storage Specialist

DevOps & Cloud Engineer

The L2SREaaS scope can be customized as per the requirement to include


Automate tasks such as provisioning, deployment, monitoring and CI/CD.

Monitoring and Observability

Robust monitoring and observability practices.

Incident Management

Response to incidents and outages immediately.

Capacity Planning

Ensure systems can handle current and future workload demands.