Network resilience is critical to business growth.

Connect your Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Edge locations.

L2Fabric is a network-as-a-service solution to build your network easily and connect it all. Your network needs to scale as your business does, not the other way around. L2Fabric makes it easy to connect your people, data, and applications. It is designed to provide solutions no matter where they are public cloud, private cloud, or at the edge.

Amazing Features

Save costs by 50%

Cut down on egress fees and legacy device license fees.

Fast provisioning

Provision remote sites with NAAS-EDGE devices with LTE and enable hybrid cloud connections with our Cloud Fabric in days, instead of weeks.

Reduce latency by 50%

Use advanced features like ADVPN enabling spoke-to-spoke traffic.

Be Resilient

Reduce network complexity to be resilient and reduce recovery times.

How It Works?

Point-to-Point Connections

Avail of multiple options for your point-to-point connection requirements. NAAS-EDGE devices with LTE come pre-configured to be a plug-and-play option for your locations.

Hybrid Cloud Connections

L2Fabric-Cloud provides options to instantly connect your Public Cloud environment with your OpsaraCloud Hosted Private Cloud. Connections are available at up to 100 Gbps speeds for high-performance, latency-sensitive workloads.

Custom Networking

L2Fabric suite of solutions along with SREaaS (Site Reliability Engineering as a Service) can be used to create a customized network to address your current network issues that are holding your business back.

Eliminate Network Bottlenecks

Optimizing end-to-end network performance ensures seamless data transmission from origin to destination, enhancing overall user experience.