OnRule works with OpsaraCloud to reduce Data Science platform costs.

Client profile

OnRule is a cloud – based Software – as – a – Service platform developed with compliance teams in mind. OnRule helps clients increase visibility and exercise better control over your product’s regulatory compliance. OnRule simplifies the process of monitoring, communicating, and reporting product certification status across your markets and products.


OnRule was faced with linearly increasing data center computing costs as their business scaled. They were especially concerned with the GPU compute & Data Transfer cost for their Training Datasets as they built their AI/ Machine Learning solutions using GPU servers.

The on demand pricing from AWS was suitable for them in their start up stage but was proving to be very expensive as they scaled. Also as the workloads continue to run always on it became cost prohibitive.

Solution Approach

The OpsaraCloud team was already working with the client to help them address network performance challenges as their ODC (offshore development centers) tried to connect with their end customer networks.

As part of this effort OpsaraCloud had conducted a through review resulting in gap analysis.  OpsaraCloud addressed these gaps by enhancing their change management, bandwidth management practices to address latency/packet loss as issues as well as firewall configuration.

As OpsaraCloud evaluated the GPU cost escalation issue, it was evident that a customized private cloud solution would work well. The final solution included:

Designing & building a private cloud solution provided better security controls & visibility.

Optimized the number of GPUs needed by using an Acceleration on Demand solution built for AI use cases. This increased the utilization of the servers and reduced the total requirement.

Also OpsaraCloud team was able to bring to the table its expe rtise in provisioning the required Images with the libraries and framework such as TensorFlow.

Also implemented a Memory Caching solution to ensure low latency storage access.

The solution was built using state of the art NVDIA Tesla V100 series GPUs.

In addition OpsaraCloud worked with the client team to help with the data migration from AWS to their private cloud.

Benefits & Outcomes

As a result of these initiatives, the client has seen the following benefits:

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