SREaaS, enabling CTO to focus on Product Development for a Security Platform Company

Client profile

Security platform provider.
Series B+ funded company.
Backed by multiple leading Silicon Valley VCs.

Initial Pain Points:

  • Rapid scaling of public cloud and private cloud infrastructure was needed
  • Private cloud scaling was proving to be a bottleneck
  • System availability at 99.5% was not acceptable
  • CTO was challenged with building the right team to address these issues

Benefits & Outcomes

  • System availability stabilized and increased to 99.95%
  • Cut lead time for Production Go-Live from months to days.
  • Reduced ticket volume with proactive measures to less than 75 a month.
  • CTO peace of mind with a single point contact for platform reliability.

Solution Key Tools


- Prometheus & Grafana
- AWS CloudWatch


- Unitrends hosted in Opsara OpsaraCloud

Incident management

- Freshdesk

Documentation & KB

- IT Glue


- Terraform/ Ansible

L2Cloud SRE Team